nature-is-my-back-garden whispered: Hiya! First off love your blog! Secondly I'm currently doing your 40 day detox drink and I was wondering can you do it longer than 40 days? Is that just a recommended amount?:) thanks sweetpea x

thank you darling! yes absolutely, you can do as many rounds as your skin needs. every 28 -40 days a new skin layer is born, so every round you do your skin is more protected, prevented from damage and your immune system get stronger. this function like lemon water in the morning with an antioxidant kick (molasses or honey) :) x Saber

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Anonymous whispered: Hi I'm going to start detox is it ok if lemons r not organic? I made the juice in advance 1/2 lemon 1T raw honey 1T acv. I made 3-4 batches and will mix 1 T to 1c if water a day? Is is there anything I shouldn't be eating during the day to stall this detox? I really want to lose some weight im also gonna do kale with water at on should I add cucumber of just do kale? How many ounces? I also have dandruff I recently bought organic shampoo and cond hoping it will work nothing yet. Should I use spr

if everything else is , yeah its alright. as per the batch, after mixing it all together, i recommend mixing in at least 2 T in 1 cup of water. the night green juice — yes you can add anything else (green) to your smoothie.

during the day, for faster results - eat more raw foods, salads, have some fruit 30min after the drink and drink lots of water throughout the day. keep me posted on your skin / weightloss journey X Saber

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Anonymous whispered: Hiii! Question. I started doing the 40 day detox but don't have time in the mornings to wait 30 mins to eat breakfast. Will that effect my results if I eat a few minutes after?

yeah, its essential to give the detox time to run down and flush your system before eating anything else. this way you are reaping the best results and benefits of how this mix work :) x Saber

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Anonymous whispered: Hello saber when I do the 40 day skin cleanse how many times a day I do it and what do I eat

once in the morning, on empty stomach, wait 30min-1hr before your normal breaky. i recommend eating more raw foods, fruit or veggies smoothies, salads, just all around clean food, you’ll see faster results that way x Saber

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Anonymous whispered: Hi! For detox is it ok to use honey that is local from farm?not sure if it's raw? How long before I'll see results w the 40 day? How many days can I store paste in refrigerator in advance? Thanks renee

yea absolutely. you can also add molasses to your mix to get more antioxidants if you’re unsure if the honey is raw. 1 week is ideal :) X Saber

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