Pre-workout Chia Fruit infused coconut water. 1L + kiwi, strawberry, & tangerine + 3 tbsp. of organic chia seeds soaked over night. → 
● chia seeds contain seven times more vitamin C than oranges so they build up skin collagen 
● reduces inflammation, clearing up skin from acne & prevents breakouts 
● results in strong & healthy hair and nails 
● high antioxidants (4 times more than blueberries), protecting skin from premature aging 
● perfect for detoxification
Rainbow Weekend Detox. Coming soon X
This is one of the many reasons I love NYC. #realfastfood #noexcuses
Anonymous whispered: I am already on 801010 (have been for a year) will i still intensify the detox effect if I incorporate your 40 day cleanse?

absolutely! now a lot of 801010ers don’t count apple cider vinegar as a raw food although it does say raw on the bottle, but this won’t interfere with your 801010 lifestyle. this mix will definitely boost your detox and flush out the toxins. it has helped tremendously and i drink it till this day because of its benefits! X

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Anonymous whispered: Hi how many ounces should the green juice be per night? Is it ok if I drink it after 8 pm? I know not to eat after 8.

aim for 1L even 1/2 of that is great 500ml ~ aprox 2 cups. yes after 8 pm and always add other green veggies with it to keep it interesting and motivating. if you don’t have kale that night, any green like spinach or swiss collard or celery is an excellent replacement for a few  days. X

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Anonymous whispered: Hi I've been found 40 day detox and green smoothie for a week now but I don't think I have lost any weight according to scale:( I need to lose 10 lbs... I'm drinking a lot of water eating fruit veg during day as well as low dairy lean meats etc I do eat sugar though. Please advise

hi there! i will give you a tip, that is true 99.9% of the time, once you completely eliminate dairy and meat- man, oh man you see the changes quick. i’m speaking from experience. just try it for 2 weeks and see what happens. the best motivator for me was seeing results after two week of not eating dairy or any meat X

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Anonymous whispered: Hi I have dandruff I recently bought organic shampoo and cond but even that's not working I have very oily hair any tips on how I can rid this ??? Thanks!!!!

hi! click here for a previous answer and a few of my tips that worked for me :) X 

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Anonymous whispered: Hi I have dark spot from sun hormonal as per dermatologist nothing really helps as far as expensive facial creams. Any tips? Best

yes sometimes pricey creams and visit to the derma, just don’t cut certain situations because they are from the inside and need to be handled holistically. what skin type do you have, how long have you had this situation? i have a few tips for dark spots in terms of raw foods (loaded with vit c, and anti-viral ingredients that come from coco oil that can help you). X

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toned-fit-sexy whispered: Heyyy i've heard a lot good things about the 40-Day-Detox and i would like to dort too :) can you maybe give me the link because i don't know where to find it on your Blog .. Thank youuuuu :-***

yes absolutely! i put it up for limited time, so all the details are now in my ebook. but since i pushed back the date of my ebook for this SUMMER. to make it the best possible with quality content!, i decided to just put the 40 day mix back out there :) here’s the link! X

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Anonymous whispered: I got really tanned on vacation and my skin is peeling .. Is there any way to keep my tan and let the peeling heal? I want to keep my tan as long as possible haha

aloe vera, fresh tomato juice daily, cacoa powder mix that you can scrub into skin. these 3 ingreds are great for this. i’m not a dermatologist, (studying to be in the near future :D) but usually if your skin is peeling which is the most outer layer, most likely the tan is going to go, with those skin layers peeling off. what you want to do is soothe your skin so you don’t get a harsh sunburn that causes peeling. those 3 ingredients add them more to your diet and the aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the skin (always test spot an area to see how your specific skin reacts) X

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